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Foods you should avoid eat before bed

  • Hot Sauce

Make sure you avoid eating spicy foods since they tend to irritate the stomach and cause heartburn. This will cause restless sleep.

  • Coffee Ice Cream

Since coffee ice cream actually does contain caffeine in it – you should definitely avoid eating it before bed. You should also avoid anything else that contains coffee.

  • Water

Even though water is not a food you should still avoid chugging in before bedtime. It will cause you restless sleep because you will wake up throughout the night to go to the bathroom.

  • Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate contains caffeine? Well, it does – so you might want to avoid eating it before bed if you want a good sleep.

  • Alcohol

Along with water, alcohol is not a food but is even worse than eating anything else on the list. So many people drink a glass or two of wine but this actually will disturb your sleep. Why? You go to sleep but your liver works hard to remove the alcohol from your system which causes your heart to beat faster (your liver and heart are connected). Can you sleep well with a pounding heart?

  • Turkey

The protein that turkey has gives signals to your brain to produce dopamine. This gives you energy. Salmon, on the other hand, is high in melatonin which will help you sleep well.

  • Anything fried

All fried, greasy foods are digested harder which means your system will work very hard to digest them properly while you are trying to fall asleep.

  • Workout helpers

Things like sports snacks and shakes have a lot of caffeine in them. After all, they are supposed to better your athletic performance.  Read the label of your protein shakes and snacks and see if they are meant post-workout or pre-workout. If they are post-workout they won’t have caffeine or stimulants in them but the pre-workout ones will.