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How To Clean Suede With Natural Ingredients?

Suede is hard to clean and you need to be very careful if you don’t want to damage it. It doesn’t matter if your couch is suede or you want to clean your suede boots – you need to prepare the proper ingredients and use the right cleaning methods before you dive into the cleaning!

But don’t worry – I will tell you all my secrets and by the end of reading this article you will know exactly how to clean suede!

How To Clean Suede?

Whenever I need to clean suede I use isopropyl alcoholIt removes dirt, dust, all sorts of impurities and… stains. Yes, you will be able to remove stains with it which I know is a huge problem people have.

Please, keep in mind that you need to test this cleaner on a small area of the suede before you start cleaning the entire surface. See how the fabric reacts to it and continue with the cleaning only if no negative effects occur!

Let’s start cleaning

Yes, you need isopropyl alcohol but it needs to be 99%. Why? The higher the percentage the less water it has – and when you clean suede you don’t want to use water at all. This is why you need the highest possible rubbing alcohol out there.

Pour the isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. You also need to prepare a scrub sponge.

Now that you prepared everything you need to vacuum the suede. Then spray a small area with the alcohol and use the sponge to rub in a circular motion. Continue until you have covered the entire fabric.