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How To Clean Your Kitchen Hood With Natural Ingredients?

People rarely clean their kitchen hoods – and that’s okay. They aren’t meant to be cleaned that often, however, paying attention to it once a year is ideal in order to ensure a long lifespan of the hood.

Since you haven’t cleaned your hood in a long time, you need to use something strong so all the grease and impurities can be removed. Thankfully, I found one of the best recipes for a degreaser/ kitchen cleaner out there that can be used when cleaning the hood – and you won’t need to scrub and wipe for hours! It contains only natural ingredients which makes it cheap, environmentally friendly, and good for your health (not many people know but commercial cleaners are bad for the health due to all the toxic chemicals in them).

How To Clean Your Kitchen Hood?

If you are into using natural ingredients when cleaning your home then this won’t surprise you – I use vinegar, liquid soap, and baking soda to degrease and clean the hood in my kitchen.

If you have never used natural ingredients and you are new – let me show you how to do this!

Start off by removing all filters off the hood.

Place a pot on your stove and fill it with water (but not all the way). Turn the stove on and let it boil – but right before the water starts to boil, pour a cup of vinegar into the water.

Next, add a tablespoon of liquid soap and stir with a wooden spoon until all ingredients mix.

Continue with adding half a cup of baking soda, however, add it slowly with a spoon – don’t pour the whole cup at once, then wait a few seconds before adding another spoon of the baking soda. Of course, when you add the powder, it will start to fizz but don’t worry!

Stir with the wooden spoon until all ingredients have mixed – then once the liquid starts to boil, turn the stove off.

Grab the filter and place it in the mixture for a few minutes – most of the impurities will magically disappear! You can also use an old toothbrush or a sponge to scrub any residue.

Make sure you use the liquid to clean all filters then rinse them with hot water once you are done.

Finally, the last step is to clean the hood. Dip a sponge in the cleaner and gently scrub the hood.

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