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How To Easily Deep Clean A Coffee Maker?

I love my coffee maker – and if I have to be honest with you, I don’t even think I can function properly without it. But my love for this appliance means that I am using it on regular basis… which also means that I have to regularly clean it if I want it to work properly and have a long lifespan, otherwise, I will have to replace it every few years plus the coffee I prepare will start to taste bad.

And since I know that most of you also have coffee makers that you use every single morning, I decided to show you how I clean mine – and don’t worry, it’s easier than you think!

How I Clean My Coffee Maker?

First, I want you to keep in mind that you must clean your coffee maker once a month – of course if you have time, do it more often than that. Some people think that the water that boils inside the appliance is enough to clean and disinfect it, however, a coffee maker actually does not reach a boiling point so you can’t really avoid the actual cleaning process.

Now, let’s start cleaning. You need to mix white vinegar and water (1:2 parts). If you can, please use filtered water since it’s better to use than tap.

Then pour this mixture into the water reservoir and just let it sit for half an hour. I also recommend you grab a cloth, dip it in the mixture and wipe the heads of the appliance as well as the internal filter basket.

And then turn the appliance on while the vinegar is still in there. Yes, thankfully this is everything you need to do – no scrubbing or wasting time. See, it wasn’t that hard!

Of course, make sure you run a few more cycles but add only filtered water so there is no trace of the vinegar left.