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How To Make A DIY Upholstery Disinfectant That Also Brightens Up The Fabric?

Are you looking for a spray that is going to both disinfect your upholstery as well as brighten it up a bit? I know these two things are oddly specific but it turns out that it’s very common for people to want to brighten up their upholstery as well as figure out a way to disinfect them!

So why not do both of these things with just one product? Yes, it’s possible so if you want to freshen up your sofa, mattress, curtains, or any other upholstered furniture as well as make sure it’s free of any germs, I am going to teach you today!

Whenever you clean your upholstery, you just remove the dirt and impurities – not the germs. In order to remove bacteria, you need a disinfectant, and I am sure you know that by now. So even if you recently did clean your upholstery, you definitely should still use this spray I am going to talk about in a bit.

How To Make A DIY Upholstery Disinfectant That Also Brightens Up The Fabric?

So you are going to need a spray bottle where you are going to mix all of the ingredients we will use – a cup of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, and 15 drops of your favourite essential oil. Of course, the essential oil isn’t necessary but I like making this spray smell good because I don’t really like the odour of rubbing alcohol.

We will use rubbing alcohol for disinfecting and hydrogen peroxide for brightening up the fabric.

Mix all of these ingredients in the spray bottle then shake well so everything can mix.

However, keep in mind that if your upholstery is black, dark brown, or any other dark colour I recommend you skip the hydrogen peroxide. Use it only if your upholstery is white or any other light colour.

Spray the mixture on your upholstery – and that’s it. All of these ingredients will work their magic. Also, the spray will dry super quickly because the rubbing alcohol will evaporate fast so you won’t need to wait for hours until you can sit on your sofa!