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How To Make An Orange-Scented DIY All-Purpose Cleaner?

Are you looking for a cheap and easy DIY recipe for an all-purpose cleaner that is actually going to smell good? I know that most recipes on the internet contain vinegar in them, however, vinegar doesn’t exactly smell good – and who wants their home to reek of vinegar after cleaning? I know I don’t which is why I did a bit of tweaking to the famous vinegar all-purpose cleaner.

You will still be able to use the benefits of vinegar – the cleaning and disinfecting power that it has truly is magical, however, your home is going to smell amazing after using it!

How To Make An Orange-Scented DIY All-Purpose Cleaner?

The secret is very simple – you have to infuse the vinegar with orange peels. Yes, everything you are going to need is vinegar, orange peels, a mason jar, and some patience because it will take time for the vinegar to infuse and start smelling good.

Start off with pouring the vinegar into the mason jar then add orange peel in there. Of course, you can also use grapefruit peels. And then just close the lid and leave the mason jar for a week. Don’t use it or open it – just let it sit so the orange peels (or grapefruit peels) have time to take care of that horrible vinegar smell.

Then, once one week has passed, remove the peels from the mason jar, pour the vinegar in a spray bottle, and you are done – you have your own orange-scented all-purpose cleaner that you can use around your home whenever you are cleaning! It’s that easy!