An Interview with Jeff VanderMeer

Interviewed by Grant Stone

A lively conversation with World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer about his latest book and the challenges of writing fiction in the internet age.



Silent Titi

Mona Liswati

“But you do have to wonder, sometimes, don’t you, what on earth is it that they are they looking for out there?”



Dalih Sembiring

We chirped terror, for the electricity lines wobbled in the air; roof tiles shed like old, red leaves. Walls cracked, buildings crumbled.


The Sky Scribbler

Abmi Handayani

I filled up my paper and handed it in, the first one to do so in my class, just so I could see Bu Ida's smile.


The Comfort of Cabbages

Ripley Patton

I had never noticed before how many round things the produce aisle holds.



Michael Botur

You're used to Tony taking your things, so it doesn't sting as much as it might. You dare anything to penetrate your numbness.


Chimes to Flutes

Samuel Brase

“Don’t think twice about it, here, this’ll keep it our secret, huh?” Mama Elaine passed the leftover innards from the blueberry pie to the girl.



A Conversation with Chad Taylor

Interviewed by Jane Robertson

A candid chat with New Zealand born novelist Chad Taylor, about genrelessness, rootlessness and open endings.


Find out more about Prima Storia

Yoshi mentally views a valley in black and white, as the recipes flip through his fingers.

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