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Dalih Sembiring

We chirped terror, for the electricity lines wobbled in the air; roof tiles shed like old, red leaves. Walls cracked, buildings crumbled.

Short Fiction

These stories are part of the 2009 collection


Silent Titi

Mona Liswati

“But you do have to wonder, sometimes, don’t you, what on earth is it that they are they looking for out there?”


The Sky Scribbler

Abmi Handayani

I filled up my paper and handed it in, the first one to do so in my class, just so I could see Bu Ida's smile.


The Comfort of Cabbages

Ripley Patton

I had never noticed before how many round things the produce aisle holds.


Chimes to Flutes

Samuel Brase

“Don’t think twice about it, here, this’ll keep it our secret, huh?” Mama Elaine passed the leftover innards from the blueberry pie to the girl.



Michael Botur

You're used to Tony taking your things, so it doesn't sting as much as it might. You dare anything to penetrate your numbness.


The Pool Ornament

A. T. Zanker

I remember how, on the night when I first visited the newly built Montfort, Danny's fish had caught my eye - even before its real significance had become apparent.


The Birthday Present

Deborah Sheldon

The engine cut out with a wheeze and the car sank into its shockers. The kid was in the back and Don could just make out the top of its fuzzy head swinging from side to side.



Monique Hayes

Some days, he imagines he has students as the red sauce drips from his ladle over thin noodles. They eagerly anticipate any flourishes Yoshi will grant them.


Woodfiber Dreams

James Stark

They say that hormones made Danny the way he was in seventh grade: six foot two and two hundred pounds. His growth had migrated into his body so there wasn't much left in his mental topography.


Viennese Meow

Glynne MacLean

A nap is obviously out of the question. Even if I could ignore the sauerkraut, there is no way I can sleep with a running commentary burbling about me. He's like an alpine stream at spring.


When Her Wings

Grant Stone

Aaron's rust-red Cortina gone. He works, sometimes. Comes home late at night or the next day with fistfuls of crumpled dollars. She doesn't ask.


A Cautionary Tale

A. T. Zanker

White-hot rebellion segues into a new orthodoxy, and it often proves too much of an effort to change one's ways. And why should one, when one has name and reputation?


Latter Day Lepers

Michael Botur

She turned the motor off and jiggled the keys. Neither of us wanted to get out of the car and into the Assembly.


Getting and Giving

Deborah Sheldon

For someone who reckoned he didn't give a stuff, he sure cared about being the only cock on the walk, if you get me.


Las Señoras de Sinaloa

Michael McLaughlin

Their table was decorated with an avalanche of fresh flowers and as a center piece an ice sculpture of cherubs shooting rifles.


It’s a Surprise

KJ Hannah Greenberg

Ever Avigail’s clever father, though, I had managed to snare the account by closing the deal on my car phone. There would be raspberry sherbet for everyone tonight.



Aaron Swartz

Today the task list had a notice at the top. "Recent analysis of your performance metrics," it said, "have categorized your task performance as sub-optimal. Without rapid performance improvement, remedial action will be taken."


What Difference Does it Make?

Ross Brighton

All white and smelling of bleach, tang sharp the coloured lines on the floor giving directions to Paediatrics, this way, Oncology, Gerontology; this is Intensive Care.

He understood what the software was saying. Speed up or get fired.

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